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Ready to Exponentialize Your Business #asifbymagic?
You asked and I listened!
Energy Pulls are ready for immediate download!
Every Pull has a different theme...
Pull #1
To exponentialize class sizes, clients, and all things sales related.

Pull #2
To exponentialize money, revenue streams and wealth.

Pull #3
To exponentialize gifting and receiving with the business.

Pull #4
To exponentialize communion with the business, projects, speaking gigs and every creation in the business.

Pull #5
To exponentialize the magic and miracles the business and you desire.
"Glenyce I just had to share this with you.
I listened to the recording of the energy ball class late this afternoon. As you were walking us through it, it felt so good and yummy as you say. I was getting chills and feeling very expanded and so much energy.
You had just finished the first energy pull when my husband comes in with $250 in cash in his hands. That was so amazing how that just showed up. We had no idea our son was going to be giving us that."
Renita Farrall